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Saint Vincent Hospital offers the following residency programs to enhance your medical education. Please contact our program coordinators to learn more.

Saint Vincent Hospital, in collaboration with the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MCPHS) School of Pharmacy in Worcester, offers a two-year post-doctoral Fellowship Program in Medication Safety. Learn more

Independent Programs

Contact Linda Bakutis
Email Linda
Phone: (508) 363-6162

Internal Medicine 
Contact Michele A. Mercier
Email Michele
Phone: (508) 363-6208

Contact Elaine A. Gavin
Email Elaine
Website: Podiatric Surgical Residency Program
Phone: (508) 363-6350

Contact Alice Persico
Email Alice 
Phone: (508) 363-7034

Sleep Medicine Fellowship Program
Contact Ellen Stanton-Randall - Neurology Dept.
Email Ellen
Phone: (508) 363-6066

Joint Residency Programs with UMass Medical School

  • Critical Care
  • OB/Gyn

Contact UMass directly at (508) 856-0011