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It’s your heart. We keep it beating.

No matter who you are, Saint Vincent Hospital is committed to getting, and keeping, your heart healthy. Even if you take great care of yourself with diet and exercise, a Heart attack can happen. When it does, you need the best care available. Since 1959, Saint Vincent Hospital has been pioneering cardiac care (that was the year we performed the first open-heart surgery in Worcester).

Cardiac Rehab

After a heart attack or heart surgery, it’s easy to overdo you need a plan to stay heart healthy. Our cardiac rehabilitation specialists design customized programs so you’re back to your normal activities quickly, but also safely. 

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Since opening its doors in 1986, the Electrophysiology Lab at Saint Vincent Hospital has continually increased the number and variety of procedures it offers to our heart patients. 

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Vascular Surgery

If your tests show that vascular surgery is in order, our minimally invasive procedures and board-certified physicians will ensure a smooth procedure and a speedy, trouble-free recovery. 

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Vascular Lab

Trained technologists perform more than 9,000 procedures yearly in our Vascular Lab, getting to the bottom of artery and vein issues for hundreds of patients. 

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Although the symptoms are similar, strokes and heart attacks are two different medical problems. Both are vascular complications that involve the blood vessels and arteries, and both conditions can also lead to disability and death. 

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Cardiac Surgery

One of the first open-heart surgeries in Central Massachusetts was performed here almost 50 years ago, and we’ve been a pioneer in quality heart procedures ever since. 

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Heart Care Procedures

If you are:

  • A 78-year-old woman with arterial blockage
  • A 47-year-old father of two in peak physical condition
  • A 36-year old woman who feels tired all the time

…we can help you…

  • Understand if a stent might help with better blood flow
  • Discover a potential heart problem before it’s too late
  • Distinguish between regular wear and tear, and a more serious cardiac condition

We’re focused on one thing: getting you back to your family, your friends, your job — your life — as quickly as possible. That’s why we’re out in front when it comes to every aspect of heart care:

Top 50 Heart Hospital

Saint Vincent Hospital has been named a Top 50 Heart Hospital in the United States for two years in a row.  Click here to find out why!

Surgical Care

Learn why Saint Vincent has a long-standing reputation as a leader in advanced surgical care.

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VIP Program

Become a VIP (Very Important Patient) and get free access to a trained Personal Health Guide.

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Bone or muscle injury? Get back to life with help from the Center for Musculoskeletal Services.

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