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Who we are.

In 1986, the first electrophysiology studies were conducted at Saint Vincent Hospital, and ever since then, the number of procedures we do to test the heart’s electrical system grows steadily each year. Our goal is to continually meet the expanding needs of our community, keeping your heart healthy every step of the way.

Along with our physicians, the electrophysiology studies team includes arrhythmia nurse specialists, radiology technicians and other support staff, all dedicated to explaining everything that happens throughout the course of your stay.  You expect answers, guidance and care, and we are prepared to help every step of the way, from diagnosis to treatment and recovery.

Electrophysiology procedures

The results of your electrophysiology study will help us determine the next step in your treatment for irregular heartbeat, whether that is inserting a pacemaker or implantable defibrillator, adding or changing medications, performing additional ablation procedures, or providing other afib treatments. Our services include: