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The correct procedure, the right team.

Painful or stiff joints can prevent you from participating in the daily activities you enjoy.  At the Saint Vincent Hospital's Center for Musculoskeletal Services, we use our clinical expertise to establish an accurate diagnosis quickly and develop a plan of care to address your specific joint pain.

While we prefer treatments that will keep you out of the operating room, our joint replacement surgeons have the training and skills you can trust. We have experts who specialize in both surgical and non-surgical treatment of joint and arthritis pain, including medical management and intra-articular injections.

If and when joint replacement surgery becomes the right choice, our team of joint replacement specialists work together before and after the procedure to evaluate your condition as well as continuously monitor and manage your entire pre- and post-surgical performance and progress.

At Saint Vincent Hospital we will get you back to living your life to the fullest as quickly and safely as possible. Click here to view a copy of our Joint Academy brochure.

Our surgical team has the ability to replace all major joints, and we are the only healthcare provider in the area offering anterior hip replacement and uni-compartment knee replacement.

Our joint replacement options include:

Saint Vincent Hospital also offers Joint Replacement classes designed to prepare you for surgery, but are open to anyone who is just considering joint replacement but would like more information. Classes are free, but preregistration is required. For more information, please call (800) 201-0574.

For more information about Orthopedic Services at Saint Vincent Hospital,
please call (800) 201-0574 or click here to email us.