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Road to recovery.

To rehabilitate means to restore to customary activity through education and therapy, and that’s exactly what we do at Saint Vincent Hospital. Naturally, the kind of rehabilitation needed depends on your specific injury. What doesn’t change is the need for specialized, focused, comprehensive care. Our program is designed not only to eliminate each injury, but also to prevent it from returning.

Whether you need surgery or not, rehabilitation is an integral part of the recovery process, and our physical and occupational therapists work together to restore function as quickly and safely as possible.

We employ a variety of advanced techniques to restore normal strength, motion and flexibility as well as reduce pain as quickly and safely as possible. Our rehabilitation specialists devote their efforts toward achieving optimal function for each and every patient, and we work to establish an accurate diagnosis quickly to develop a plan of care that fits your needs.

Our rehabilitation staff specializes in:

  • Assessment and treatment of injuries of the foot and ankle, shoulder, knee, spine, hip, wrist, hand and elbow
  • Advanced evaluation and treatment of musculoskeletal problems, such as sports-related injuries, occupational injuries and injury prevention on both the playing field and the workplace
  • Evaluation and treatment of spinal injuries and educational programs on spine care
  • Treatment of vestibular or balance disorders, women's health issues and oncology rehab
  • Our Certified Hand Therapists assess and treat a variety of finger, hand and/or wrist injuries, conditions or deformities
  • Development of biomechanical braces and supports for the foot, and custom sports braces and athletic pads
  • Use of Aquatic Therapy to decrease weight bearing pressure on joints
  • Advanced manual therapy/mobilization of the spine and extremities

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