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Saint Vincent Hospitalists:

  • Work in partnership with your primary care physician to coordinate inpatient care
  • Work closely with nurses, ancillary staff and other physician specialists involved in your care
  • Are familiar with the hospital's systems for ordering tests, analyzing results and arranging for treatment
  • Are trained to quickly recognize and respond to changes in the patient's condition
  • Are at the hospital 24 hours a day, so they can see patients as frequently as their medical conditions require
  • Will promptly provide your doctor with a written report of your hospital visit to facilitate any follow-up care you may need

If you do not have a primary care physician, the Hospitalist team will provide you with a list and arrange your follow-up care.

How does a Hospitalist help Primary Care Physicians?

Hospitalists practice full-time in the hospital, so they are readily available to help your doctor. When you enter the hospital, a Saint Vincent Hospitalist will immediately begin acting as attending physician for the length of the hospital stay.

Hospitalists will:

  • Provide prompt admission and treatment of your patients
  • Oversee your patient’s entire hospital stay to provide quality care
  • Free you from hospital service call duties
  • Communicate ongoing patient status to you on a timely basis
  • Help your practice run smoother and more efficiently

Daily activities include:

  • Coordinating hospital admissions
  • Arranging diagnostic testing and specialty consultations
  • Explaining findings and discussing recommendations with patients
  • Orchestrating all patient care
  • Providing medical care for patients who need surgical treatment
  • Managing urgent situations that may arise during the hospitalization
  • Reviewing hospital treatment with insurance companies and payers

If you are interested in a hospitalist career, please call 508-363-6849.


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