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Saint Vincent Hospital recognizes that understanding the conditions and care we provide is one of the best ways for patients and visitors to get involved in the treatment process. That’s why we offer a variety of education resources that allow you to learn more about relevant health issues and treatment options.

TIGR Video Education System

TIGR is our on-demand video system, available in all patient rooms at Saint Vincent Hospital. You, your family members or your caregivers can select a video from the menu on the in-room television at any time during your stay.

Videos Available

The TIGR videos can not only help patients become familiar with their health, but also the services and facilities of Saint Vincent Hospital. The complete list of titles can be seen on Channel 40 of your television. Available topics include:

  • Patient services such as your room, food, receiving mail and flowers, and interpreter services
  • Patient safety, patient rights and responsibilities, blood donation, advance directives, and end-of-life decisions.
  • Information on a wide range of conditions and treatments such as diabetes, heart health, and chemotherapy.

Directions for Using the Video System:

To use the TIGR system, turn the television to channel 40 and you’ll see a menu of available videos. Dial ext. 28888 and follow the prompts given on the telephone. You may also view the directions by turning to channel 41, or by reading them here:

  • Identify the preferred language for the messages: Press 1 for English, 2 for Spanish
  • Press 1 to play a video, 2 to take test/survey, 3 to repeat the message, or 4 to end call. (Note: there are no exams or surveys available at this time).
  • On the number pad of the telephone, enter the 3-digit program code of the video that you wish to view.
  • The system will then repeat the code and you are to press 1 if correct and 2 if incorrect.
  • The system will then tell you what channel to turn to in order to view the video. A countdown will begin, which shows you how long until the video starts.
  • Last, the system will ask you to press 1 if you want the message repeated or 2 to end call. The video will begin momentarily.

Once the video begins to air on the television, you can pause or stop the video at any time by redialing the telephone number and following the prompts.

Saint Vincent Hospital Health Libraries

Dumphy Memorial Library

Saint Vincent Hospital maintains a professional library on the south end of the hospital’s second floor. The Dumphy Memorial Library includes a small consumer health collection as well as a number of on-line health resources. Patients or their family members are welcome to use the library when staff are present, generally from 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Online Health Library

Saint Vincent Hospital’s website includes a wealth of health information, videos and other resources in our free, online Health Library.


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