How You Can Help

Learn What You Can Do

Learning about your loved one’s condition and treatment can help you support your loved one on their journey to recovery and health. By understanding their needs, you can best provide the support and care he or she needs while in the hospital or after returning home.

Simple ways to help include:

  • Bringing small personal items (such as photographs) to help your loved one feel more at home
  • Creating a checklist for needed items during the hospital stay
  • Asking your loved one to help create a list of approved visitors, so he or she doesn’t feel overwhelmed or caught off guard by visitors
  • Discussing a discharge plan with your loved one’s health care team. Find out:
    • What special care, if any, will be needed at home?
    • Will there be special dietary needs following discharge?
    • Will your loved one need help with daily tasks, such as cooking, cleaning or driving children to school?
  • Finding out the names of the medical staff members caring for your loved one and creating an open line of communication

Have Questions?

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about visiting your loved one. You can get answers by calling us at (508) 363-5000 or using our online Contact form.