Number of Nurses Leaving Strike Continues to Rise

Mar 24, 2021

Saint Vincent Hospital Reports Increase in Nurses Returning to Work

Worcester, MA – March 24, 2021 – The number of Saint Vincent Hospital nurses who are returning to work and quitting the strike is on the rise. The Massachusetts Nurses Association strike began on March 8, and 117 nurses made an immediate decision to not participate. These nurses chose their patients over picketing and as the strike goes on, more are making the decision to return to work. To date, they have been joined by 10 more of their colleagues who are choosing patient care over picketing. For many nurses, the choice to cross is personal and the reasons vary. Some are speaking up and telling the community why they are here.
  • “I decided to work instead of strike because when I graduated, I took an oath to never abandon my patients. I will always stand by them and be there for them. Having my patients each day tell me ‘I’m happy you’re here’ gives me confidence in my decision!” -Jennifer, RN
  • “I chose to cross the picket line because I pledged to practice my profession faithfully and I devoted myself to my patients.” – Athena, RN
  • “Choosing to cross the picket line, for me, simply means not turning my back on my community and the patients we care for.” – Jenny, RN
  • “I crossed to be here for my patients, especially those who require a long hospital stay. I couldn’t abandon them during these unprecedented times.” – Rebekah, RN
  • “I’m a nurse and I love what I do! I became a nurse for the patients, not the politics!” Cindy, RN
  • “Honestly, I was on the fence. I didn’t want to end my more-than-40 years at Saint Vincent Hospital in this building the same way it opened- by crossing a picket line as I did during the last strike. It wasn’t until I experienced poor behavior by the union and personal attacks that I once again, realized I did the right thing. I don’t begrudge any nurse for doing what’s best for them, but the bad behavior is not a good look.” – Maureen, RN
Saint Vincent Hospital CEO Carolyn Jackson commends these nurses for prioritizing their patients. “We thank these nurses and their many colleagues who chose to put patients first. They embody the true mission of Saint Vincent Hospital, which is to provide safe, quality care to our community in a patient-focused manner. They are supporting that mission, despite what’s going on outside.”

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