Saint Vincent Hospital Implements New Tube Delivery System

Jan 3, 2024

Shortens delivery times; provides faster results to caregivers

Saint Vincent Hospital recently installed and implemented a new pneumatic tube system in the hospital’s continuous efforts to improve hospital operations and infrastructure.

The new system replaces an old one that has been in operations for more than 23 years. The system is powered by three air compressors and involves a network of different delivery tubes that connect to various departments through multiple transport piping infrastructures. The Blood Bank, Pathology, ICU and Pharmacy are just some of the departments that use this system to transfer specimens, blood, and lab results.

“Several switches in the individual transport pipes ensure that the correct station or department is addressed,” explains Darrin Cook, Saint Vincent Hospital COO. “As soon as a carrier is routed to another branch of the tube line, the information is transmitted via the pneumatic tube software and is easily tracked.”

The 1.25 miles of transport lines operate similarly to the routes of a subway network. Individual carriers often have to change lines to reach their destination. The hospital performs an average of 4,700 tube transitions during a workweek. Without this system, these items would have to be delivered on foot.

“The system significantly shortens delivery times. Test results are provided faster, leaving more time for patient treatment,” says Cook.

Benefits of the pneumatic tube system:

  • Fast and safe transport
  • Reduced risk of contamination
  • Conserves resources
  • Increased efficiency
  • Relief for medical staff
  • More time for patients

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