Saint Vincent Hospital Opens New Hybrid Operating Room

Jan 20, 2020

Saint Vincent Hospital announces the opening of its new Hybrid Operating Room. This special suite provides high-end imaging for patients who are undergoing advanced endovascular and cardiac procedures.

Hybrid-OR-SVH-600-x-400The imaging system is among the latest in robotic technologies, allowing virtually unrestricted freedom of movement, enabling physicians to perform complex clinical cases. The 3D-visualization of larger sections of anatomy provides doctors with additional information for increased diagnostic confidence while offering the potential to reduce procedural radiation dose.

“The addition of a Hybrid Operating Room shows that Saint Vincent Hospital is dedicated to providing the latest technology available to patients in Central Massachusetts.” says Carolyn Jackson, Chief Executive Officer of Saint Vincent Hospital. “This new suite will shorten the diagnosis and treatment time for patients, allowing them to have a quicker recovery.”

This new room provides the ability to offer comprehensive procedures through endovascular (minimally invasive approach) and/or open surgical approach. The imaging system allows the provider to take images of the vascular system using a contrast injection. This imaging allows physicians to assess, direct, and evaluate treatment to a specific area. The Hybrid OR makes it possible to combine diagnosis and treatment in a single procedure, as in patients who undergo surgery, angioplasty or stent placement.

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