Saint Vincent Hospital's TAVR Celebration

Jun 25, 2018

More than 250 local citizens impacted

Worcester, MA – June 25, 2018 – Saint Vincent Hospital in Massachusetts recently welcomed all 250 TAVR procedure patients back to the hospital to reconnect with their physicians, meet hospital administration and talk about the success of the program. TAVR is a revolutionary cardiac procedure most commonly used to treat a narrow aortic valve, otherwise known as aortic stenosis. TAVR stands for ‘transcatheter aortic valve replacement’.

TAVR patient with doctorsThe procedure is done through a small tube (or catheter) rather than performing open-heart surgery. In the past, many people suffering from severe aortic stenosis had limited options to replace an unhealthy valve. TAVR has opened a door of new possibilities and options for treating people with severe aortic stenosis.

“Seeing former patients thrive after having their TAVR procedure here at Saint Vincent Hospital gives us all a wonderful feeling,” said Jeffrey M. Welch, Saint Vincent Hospital CEO. “We have offered this procedure for nearly four years and it has made a great impact on many people in our community.”

TAVR was first offered in October 2014 and the 250th case was performed in May 2018. Joseph Abdella had the procedure done in July 2015.

Joseph Abdella and daughter“I’m doing great,” shared Abdella, a World War II Marine Corps veteran. “I’m glad I had the procedure done. Everyone at Saint Vincent’s was good to me.” In the photo, Joseph sits next to his daughter Elaine Hayward.

For more information about TAVR or to interview a member of the team, please contact PR Manager Daisy Burroughs at 803-833-0104, email [email protected], or Marketing Manager Rhiana Sherwood at 508-308-1969, email [email protected].

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