Setting the Record Straight in the Strike Debate

Mar 5, 2021

Saint Vincent Hospital Provides “MNA Myth vs. Fact” to Correct Union’s Claims

Worcester, MA – Saint Vincent Hospital today released a tally of major misstatements by the Massachusetts Nurses Association as the union heads toward its planned March 8 strike, correcting each claim with facts.

“MNA Myth vs. Fact” looks at various claims on issues such as staffing, patient safety and public support for a strike. In each case, the hospital provides refutation and proper context.

For example, the MNA has claimed that staffing at the hospital is substandard and pales in comparison to that of UMass Memorial Medical Center. In fact, UMass staffs at a level that is similar to that of Saint Vincent, and the latter is the only one of the two that has staffing guidelines built into its current MNA contract.

The document also looks at the MNA’s claim that 100 nurses left Saint Vincent in 2020 due to unsafe staffing or for better pay elsewhere. In fact, staffing was not an issue: about 50% left due to retirement, moving or leaving the workforce altogether, and the other 50% left for other facilities citing pay and benefits, which the Hospital is trying to address with its offer to the MNA. More recently numerous nurses have left Saint Vincent citing MNA’s toxic culture of nurse to nurse bullying as their reason for leaving.

Saint Vincent Hospital CEO Carolyn Jackson said it was important to address the false claims.

“There has been so much misinformation coming from the MNA as they have rejected our latest proposal and moved toward a strike. We have a responsibility to set the record straight,” Jackson said. “The facts show that Saint Vincent is properly staffed and safe, providing quality care to the community. We have made a generous proposal that would help us attract and retain nurses and maintain our safe staffing. To suggest otherwise is irresponsible and just wrong.”

The document may be found on the hospital’s Strike News page at

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