Breast Health

Mammography, Breast Exams and More

Breast Health is an important component of overall well-being. At Saint Vincent Hospital, our doctors and accredited radiology specialists use advanced technology to provide comprehensive breast care.

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Digital Mammography

Our radiology specialists use digital mammography for the clearest imaging and improved diagnostic capabilities. You’ll receive personalized attention from caring professionals who specialize in diagnosing, evaluating and treating benign breast conditions and breast cancer.

Not all breast irregularities result in a cancer diagnosis, but if any problems are detected, you can expect the highest quality, coordinated care and support from our radiology, oncology and surgery teams.

Who Should Get an Annual Mammogram?

At Saint Vincent Hospital, our experts agree with the American Cancer Society’s recommendation that all women should have annual screening mammograms beginning at the age of 45. However, women who have had breast cancer or those with a family history of breast cancer should talk with their doctors regarding individualized recommendations for age and screening frequency.

Schedule Your Mammogram

To schedule a mammogram, contact Patient Access Scheduling at (508) 363-9729. A doctor’s order is not required for screenings. At the time of your appointment scheduling, please advise us if you have breast implants or have had any breast surgery. In the event you have had previous mammograms taken at another facility, please obtain the films and bring them with you.

Preparing for Your Mammogram

On the day of your test, do not wear deodorant, powder, lotion or jewelry around your neck. Wear a two-piece outfit, as you’ll be asked to undress completely from the waist up. The actual procedure of obtaining images takes about 10 minutes. A radiologist will study your mammogram images and report the results to your doctor.