Saint Vincent Patient Stories

Inspiring Stories of Healing

Everyone who walks through the doors of Saint Vincent Hospital comes here for different reasons. Some are receiving life-saving treatment. Others are visiting family or loved ones who have come to us for help.

No matter what brings people to us, we work hard to ensure they have one thing in common — they experience skilled, compassionate care from our devoted team of caregivers. Here you can read some of the stories that others have chosen to share regarding their time at Saint Vincent Hospital.

After experiencing chronic hip pain for years, the formerly active Brenda Buerger, didn’t know what she was going to do.
Josephine Horning, who recently celebrated her 86th birthday, had been experiencing some shortness of breath and noticed that she tired easily.
Michelle was a 34 year old, mother of three when she was diagnosed with a form of breast cancer called invasive ductal carcinoma. 

Naomi’s first experience with childbirth was a positive one thanks to the expert care provided by Saint Vincent Hospital’s nurse midwives. 

Walter Brown was all too familiar with chronic knee pain, and by 2009 he had enough. The pain in his left knee had started nine years earlier.
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