Scheduling & Visitor Restrictions


Visiting Hours: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Patient Visitation Guidelines

  • Inpatients are allowed 2 visitors per day, one at a time. Visitors are encouraged to stay in the patient room their entire visit.
  • Inpatients who are COVID positive or those under investigation for possible COVID cannot have visitors unless there is an exception.
  • ICU visitation is limited to 2 visitors per day, one at a time, for Non-COVID patients only. Visitation is 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Center for Women and Infant patients may have 1 designated support person throughout their stay.
  • No visitors allowed in the Emergency Department unless there is an exception.
  • Outpatient surgical and other procedural patients may have 1 visitor.
  • Non-COVID inpatients can have one clergy visit per day.
Other hospital outpatients are not allowed visitors at this time.
Exceptions include:
  • end of life situations
  • patients under the age of 18
  • patients who need a support person for cognitive or physical reasons
Visitors must wear masks during their entire visit and practice social distancing and hand hygiene.

Visitor screening process: (3 North entrance)

  • Health screening questions and temperature check.
  • Adherence to hand hygiene guidelines.
  • Visitor must wear a Mask/Face covering at all times.

Restrictions for Hospital Entry/Exit

Entry and exit is limited to the 3rd floor North entrance at 123 Summer Street, and the Emergency Department entrance.

An exception to any limited visitation policy at the hospital is patients with disabilities who require support from family members or staff in order for them to effectively communicate with medical personnel or otherwise receive equal access to medical treatment.