Open Letter from a Proud Nurse Who Would Never Leave Her Patients

Kady Bonica Facebook bullying post

"Let's all welcome the hero scab of the day. Kady Bonica from 24. She should be arriving to bail out the other scabs on 24N for 11am. Give her a heros welcome when you see her drive in. She will appreciate the love. Apparently, she said she doesn't care what we think of her so let's show her some real MNA love."
To the community:

As a nurse I took an oath to care for you. 8 hours, 10 hours, maybe 12 hours of my day are dedicated to taking care of you. My life and my problems stop at the door. My time is spent caring for you - this is the oath I took and what I chose to do. I advocate for you, I support you, I comfort you. Even on my tough days, I do my absolute best to provide the best care for you.

I continue to do this even through a strike. As you know, the Saint Vincent Hospital MNA began their strike on March 8. I chose to cross the picket line. Why? Because I took an oath to care for my patients - it felt morally wrong for me to stand on the sidewalk while patients were inside needing care. Yes, there are travelers - and I can tell you first hand they are wonderful, smart, and providing exceptional care to your loved ones. I enjoy working by their side through this.

Additionally, I support my polite colleagues who are picketing for their cause - everyone has a right to make their own decision on what feels right for them.

That’s what I thought the leadership of the MNA believed. I thought I could have my own opinions while supporting their cause - I was quickly proven wrong.

As grown adults, I assumed a difference of opinions was respected.

Unfortunately, because I made the decision to put my patients first, my privacy was violated.

The MNA took my personal photo and posted my full name while bullying, harassing, and threatening me on social media (image attached). I was personally targeted because I choose to take care of you, the community.

But don’t let me stop there - it’s not just me. My fellow colleagues had their photos stolen from their own lockers and blown up onto cardboard cutouts. I don’t know how holding up posters of nurses who are inside taking care of their patients supports the MNA’s cause. I do know it’s bullying.

I am not looking for sympathy. I am a strong, independent, and smart young woman. I have the support of so many amazing nurses, family members, and friends. I am grateful for them everyday.

Kady Bonica Facebook bullying comments

"SHES A SCAB!!!!!!"

"I'm not there but I'm passing it on!!!!!"

"She is our first scab of the day"
To the nurses:

I know I’m a wonderful nurse. I used to be proud to work alongside some of the most, what I thought were kind, nurses. I’m not sure when that kindness faded, but I’m so sorry for you. I hope you find it again- at least for the sake of your future patients.

Your targeting of me did nothing but show me the enormous support I have. I know truly know what it means to be supported by some of the best. I felt this message needed to be shared so the public could see the behaviors blindly hidden. I hope your harassment ends here. I hope you can respect my decision, and my fellow colleagues, to care for our patients.

We all took the same oath. Or at least I thought we did.

A non-striking RN, Kady Bonica