Saint Vincent Hospital CEO Sends Letter to the MNA

March 5, 2021
Massachusetts Nurses Association
340 Turnpike Street
Canton, Massachusetts 02021

Dear Ms. McGill:
As the CEO of Saint Vincent Hospital, I am going on the record to ensure you are aware of what can only be described as intolerable incidents of bullying and intimidation by union representatives and members related to the strike and negotiations with the hospital. We cannot condone this sort of behavior, and I request that you and the MNA leadership join us in the expectation that this behavior is not appropriate and will not help resolve negotiations.

The incidents involving our nurses are contrary to the Saint Vincent Code of Conduct, which prohibit harassment and intimidation. The incidents include the following:

  • In a recent Zoom call involving Saint Vincent nurses, participants were told that those who cross the picket line “will be identified,” with their names posted online for the purpose of subjecting them to intimidation.
  • Nurses who have publicly opposed the strike have been subject to online abuse and threats on the SVH MNA Facebook page.
  • Numerous nurses have told hospital leadership that fellow nurses have warned them of backlash if they cross the picket line and come to work Monday. They have shared harassing texts and phone calls in addition to threatening in-person interactions.
  • One senior nurse, a member of your negotiating team at the hospital, told nurses that their names would be shared with the MNA at other hospitals, so they would ensure they did not get jobs at any union hospital in Massachusetts.
  • Several nurses have recently resigned and informed hospital leadership this was due to intimidation at the workplace by fellow MNA members

It is disheartening to learn of such incidents. I truly hope the behaviors do not escalate to what occurred during the MNA strike in 2000 when deliberate acts of sabotage were conducted that could have jeopardized patient safety.

Whatever our disagreements, inappropriate bullying and intimidation should be ceased and will not be tolerated. It does not reflect well on the MNA, it will not help the contract negotiations, and it will only result in a more divisive work environment in the future. We respect the rights of our nurses to be members of their union, to voice all opinions, and encourage a healthy discourse about the differences of opinion we have in how to solve the impasse we are at – all with the mindset that both Saint Vincent and our nurses would like to get back to providing the excellent patient care that has been a hallmark of this campus. We take our responsibility to ensure a safe work environment for our employees and a safe care environment for our patients seriously. Thank you for your attention and anticipated cooperation.

Carolyn Jackson Signature
Carolyn Jackson
Chief Executive Officer