Balance Therapy

Comprehensive Balance Therapy

therapist helping elderly lady balance on foam rollersRestoring balance and preventing falls is a vital part of maintaining safety and independence. Our Physical Therapists will develop an individualized rehabilitation plan to improve your balance, strength, endurance and function.

Balance therapy could be indicated if any if you have experienced any of the following:

  • Two or more falls in the last six months
  • Recent hospitalization or illness
  • Diagnosed with a neurological condition
  • Sensory changes in your feet
  • Vision changes
  • Dizziness or hearing loss
  • Take four or more medications daily

Otago Balance Program

therapist helping elderly lady balance on balance ballOtago is an evidenced based fall prevention program that involves a series of exercises designed to strengthen and improve balance. It is a program that is offered at Saint Vincent Physical Therapy in order to work towards preventing falls and improving balance in older adults. It is delivered by a specially trained Physical Therapist, and it includes a 6 month and one year “check up” with your Therapist.

Falls Prevention Clinic

Held every Tuesday from 9:00 – 12:00 at Saint Vincent Hospital, our Falls Prevention Clinic employs a multi-disciplinary approach to evaluating and treating individuals in the community at the highest risk for falls and fall-related injuries.

Dr. Jarrod Faucher
Jarrod Faucher, D.O.
Director, Falls Prevention Clinic
As a geriatrician, Dr. Faucher specializes in caring for patients over the age of 65, with a focus on maintaining a patient’s functional ability to thrive in the community as much as possible.

  • Primary care services
  • Palliative care consults
  • Senior transition assistance
  • Memory loss evaluations
  • Medication management

For more details about the clinic, you can call (508) 363-5630.

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If you would like to learn more about our Balance and Fall Prevention Program, please contact us at any of the following locations:

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