Medical Students at Saint Vincent Hospital

Third-year medical students rotate through the department of medicine on a team.  Generally, this is 4 weeks for university of Massachusetts students, and 6 weeks for students from the university of New England. Students are assigned 2-4 patients, depending on the complexity of the patient and readiness of the student.  Students are actively involved in all aspects of their patient’s care with direct supervision from the team and attending–rounding with the team, physical examination, writing orders, calling consultations, written or electronic documentation, and other work that may assist their patient. Students attend noon conference and morning report daily. Students meet weekly with their longitudinal preceptor for the clerkship, Dr. Spanagel at SVH, and also for physical diagnosis rounds, “lumps and bumps”. Fourth-year students can rotate through the department of medicine as subinterns, taking on an even more active role with their patients on the team.  There are electives available for fourth-year students on subspecialty services, co-ordinated through UMASS VSAS Students find the environment at St Vincent hospital highly educational.

One student wrote, “i would highly recommend Saint Vincent hospital to every medical student.  The atmosphere and attitudes at St Vincent were very conducive to learning.  The residents and attendings always challenged me, but also always supported me. I was very much given autonomy with respect to the patients i took care of, and also received more than adequate teaching from my residents with specific subject material relevant to my patients.  At St Vincent’s, i was given the tools that i needed to succeed and also given the “space” to learn.  My experience here was something that i will always appreciate.”

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