Liaison and Social Committees

The Resident Liaison and Social Committees are comprised of 14 residents who serve as representatives for each PGY cohort. The Liaison Committee acts as a voice for all residents and works with the program leadership to provide solutions and institute innovative changes. They also participate with faculty in the ongoing review of the program and curriculum. The Social Committee organizes social events throughout the year to promote camaraderie and wellness amongst the residents.

CommitteePGY - 1PGY - 2PGY - 3
  1. Adit Patel
  2. Sai Sriram Katada /
    Shiksha Joshi
  3. Beverly Ejiofor
  1. Dhruv Bakshi
  2. Mythili Pathiyil
  1. Prachi Balani
  2. Garima Singh
  3. Kannu Bansal /
    Gayatri Narayan
  1. Riya Bhattacharya
  2. Vaibhavi Mukhtiar
  3. Navpreet Khurana
  1. Prachi Balani
  2. Sarat Malempati / Navya Perkit
  1. Sushmita Prabhu
  2. Aakriti Soni
  1. Arihant Surana
  1. Sajid Shaik
  1. Sumukh Arun Kumar


Liaison Committee

Adit PatelDhruv BakshiGarima Singh
Sai Sriram Katada/Shiksha JoshiMythili PathiyilKannu Bansal/Gayatri Narayan
Beverly Ejiofor  


Social Committee

Riya Bhattacharya Prachi BalaniSushmita Prabhu
Vaibhavi MukhtiarSarat Malempati/Navya Reddy PerkitAakriti Soni
Navpreet Khurana  

Finance Committee

Arihant Surana Sajid ShaikSumukh Arun Kumar

Current Residents