Childbirth Education

Maternity Classes and More

As specialized caregivers, the Center for Women and Infants offers a variety of classes to prepare you for the birth of your new baby:

Childbirth Preparation

This program is taught by certified childbirth educators. Topics include: birthing options, the process of labor and delivery, care of the newborn at the time of delivery, maternal and family adjustments, nutrition for mom, and a tour of the Center for Women & Infants. One half-hour of each class is devoted to relaxation and breathing techniques and exercise. The course meets once a week for several weeks. Childbirth preparation is also offered multiple times per month as a one-day class on Saturdays and Sunday.

Childbirth Refresher

This course is ideal for an expectant mother and partner who have previously attended the childbirth preparation class. This program reviews the process of labor and delivery, breathing and relaxation techniques, birthing options, and a tour of the Center for Women & Infants. Teachers are certified childbirth educators. This class is offered as needed.


This class is designed for the expectant mother who is interested in breastfeeding. Topics include: basics of breastfeeding- the best beginning for your baby, anatomy/physiology of breastfeeding, getting started, prevention and/or resolution of common problems, and expressing and storing breast milk. This two-hour class is offered monthly. We strongly encourage partner (support person) to attend.

Newborn Care

Through lectures, audiovisuals, demonstrations, and hands-on practice, this will provide you with information on newborn care, behaviors, reflexes, and early development (language, social, motor skills, and intellect). This class is offered monthly.

Newborn CPR and Safety

This class presents ways you can childproof your home to promote a safe environment for baby and the rest of the family. Infant CPR is included. The class is taught by instructors certified in Basic Life Support. This class does not provide certification. This class is offered monthly.

Sibling Preparation

This one-session class addresses the concerns your older children may have about the prospect of a newborn baby in the family. Sessions include a short tour of the hospital maternity area, a film, or story, hands-on baby care lesion, and a certificate. Children 3-8 years of age are welcome to attend with their parents.

Tours of the Center for Women & Infants

Expectant parents are welcome to take a tour of the Center for Women & Infants with one of our staff members. You’ll view our labor and delivery rooms, patient rooms, and nursery. Tours are available twice a month and are free of charge. No registration is needed for the tour. Please call 508-363-9112 for available dates.

Get Registered

To register for any of our childbirth classes, contact the Childbirth Education Office at (508) 363-9112 or via email at [email protected], or simply complete the form below. All childbirth classes are scheduled according to your due date. To ensure satisfactory placement, please register no later than your fifth month of pregnancy.

Childbirth Preparation Registration Form

  • Please register for all classes by the fourth month of pregnancy.  
  • Please select the classes for which you are registering.
Select classes: *

Please send a check payable to Childbirth Education for the total cost of all of the classes you have registered for and mail to:

Childbirth Education
Center for Women & Infants
123 Summer Street
Worcester, MA 01608-1320

You will receive a course confirmation, listing the classes for which you have registered for with the dates and times of those classes. You will also receive a receipt for payment.

Please note: Some insurance companies will reimburse a percentage of the cost for these classes. Please check with your insurance company to see if you are eligible for a refund.

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