Special Care Nursery

Advanced Care for Premature Babies

While many babies are born healthy and full term, some newborns require extra care and support. For these special babies, Saint Vincent Hospital offers a Special Care Nursery (SCN).

Special Care for Special Babies

When babies need extra support, the Special Care Nursery provides the attention and neonatal care they need. Our seven-bed SCN is certified as a Level II, which means we can care for all but the sickest infants who must be transported to a special children’s hospital.

A baby in the Special Care Nursery is typically connected to a variety of medical monitors that allow the staff to know exactly what he or she needs at all times. The SCN staff is comprised of registered nurses specializing in the care of premature and sick infants, and they will explain the purpose of every monitor, tube and test used for your baby.

Our goal is to get your baby well as soon as possible so that you can return home to experience the joys of parenthood. We encourage your loved ones to visit you and your baby during your time at Saint Vincent Hospital.

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If you want to learn more about the Special Care Nursery at the Center for Women and Infants, please call (508) 363-9405.

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