Cancer Lab Services

Diagnosis, Treatment and More

Your doctor may recommend laboratory test to identify or rule out cancer. A lab test analyzes samples of bodily fluid, such as blood or urine, to help measure your health and diagnose disease.

Cancer Lab Tests

According to the National Cancer Institute, laboratory tests are used in cancer medicine:

  • To screen for cancer or precancerous conditions
  • To help diagnose cancer
  • To provide information about a cancer’s stage
  • To plan treatment
  • To monitor a patient’s health during treatment and check for potential side effects
  • To determine whether a cancer is responding to treatment
  • To find out whether a cancer has returned

Among the many tests used in cancer medicine, your doctor at Saint Vincent may recommend these tests for you:

  • Blood chemistry test to monitor levels of certain substances in the blood
  • Gene mutation testing to assess cancer risk
  • Complete blood count, which can help diagnose cancer and monitor your health during treatment
  • Cytogenetic analysis, which assesses your white blood cells and bone marrow cells for diagnosis and treatment decisions
  • Immunophenotyping for diagnosis, staging and monitoring of cancers of the blood system
  • Sputum culture, which helps identify abnormal cells in the mucus
  • Tumor marker tests, which help identify cancer or benign conditions
  • Urinalysis to detect problems with the kidneys or urinary tract


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