Nutritional Counseling

Helping You Stay Strong During Treatment

Proper healing during cancer treatment requires proper nutrition. With all of the complications that can come with many treatment options, it can be difficult to make sure you’re eating right for your new situation. The Saint Vincent Cancer and Wellness Center provides all patients with access to nutritional counseling with a registered dietician who specializes in oncology nutrition.

The top goals of our dietician are to help you improve your nutritional status, better your tolerance to cancer treatment and find recovery and survivorship with the aid of good nutrition. Our dietician provides both group and one-on-one counseling so you can find advice on nutrition matters such as:

  • The safety and appropriateness of dietary supplements
  • Ways to prevent unintended weight loss
  • Ways to eat more comfortably based on your diagnosis
  • Ways to minimize nutrition-related side effects and complications of treatment

If you’re on enteral (tube) feeds, the oncology dietician can to coordinate your feeding plan and find a food schedule that works well for you.

Get Started

To learn more about nutritional counseling services at the Saint Vincent Cancer and Wellness Center, please contact our dietician at (508) 363-6175.

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